Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why do these trees need to be taken down?

Who Watches the Watchmen - Post-hiatus Recovery

[warning: Not safe for patriots, zealots, common people. You have been warned]

May I first begin, that I express pride for my country, but I also express shame and regret for what my country has become. In the beginning of America’s tale, it was a simple and righteous collection, but through years it has expanded to become an almost imperialistic might. America, which was once a land of gentle people who wanted to choose who led their command, became something which is now held in unspeakable horror in my eyes, a world superpower, and a nuclear power. Much as in the ways of Rome, America has followed, which I predict could lead to its downfall, if we are not careful.

My first point brings me to our military, whereas in Rome, it was an honor to serve, as well as a privilege, which is the same for America, but Rome eventually lost interest in the military it needed. Rome became complacent with something that made it what was. People were losing interest in wars. Why? Because wars were not more interesting than plays and philosophers. Wars were not something that could be indulged in, especially to the rich, who preferred to keep to themselves, though the military needed funding for its armies. Eventually, Rome’s military deteriorated, people left because they could not be paid, or could not handle the lifestyle any longer, mercenaries were soon to be hired in place of those lost and Rome’s most powerful military became divided up in command and strength. In America, we see this same trend in military forces, since Vietnam and the following wars; Americans have harbored hate for war and a will for it to stop. The military loses funding due to this, but it isn’t they’re fault, it isn’t the commanders in the army to be blamed, it would be the senators, the congressmen, those who send the military to battle, much like in Rome.

Along with the military aspect, we also are similar in the aspect of learning and education. Arguably, America is one of the best places to go to school, because there is more opportunity and there are more ready teachers and open classes to allow them that opportunity. Rome, in its time, was a center for knowledge around the other nations, it welcomed those who wanted to learn and let them learn gladly, but with increasing amounts of slaves being brought in to work, Rome’s populace steadily began to take learning for granted. Some citizens of Rome would ignore education entirely, relying only on self comforts and the labor of slaves, which in turn led to more acting in the same way, causing the idea that education was not important to spread. In America, with what media attention we have and the relative comfort that we are given, many of the youth are taking the same ideas into mind. America’s youth can be found ignoring school, education and even completely going against it, in, albeit, fits of young angst. Yet, it still school, it's education and its needed. How else will we know our pasts and our legacies?

With the failing strength of military and the growing unimportance of learning, we also have the ideals of our nations, which were not far off at some times, but they immediately began to take turns. It was first Constantine who brought Christianity to Rome, letting the religion be free and for the empire to take part in its practices. As changes with Emperor had happened, so did the ideal of religious freedom. Religion was picked apart and left for the buzzards, which eventually led to religious persecution in Rome. People who were Christian in Rome would be made example of. In America, we see the same, but with people of all religious denominations. It isn’t just Christianity, but it’s also Judaism, Islam, and other religions among those lines. In America, we daily see every religion tortured and beaten by the media as well as the people, who take their ideas from the media. Every day the theoretical buzzards pick at the carcasses of long tormented religious beliefs, but there is no reason for it. America was born as a place to practice religious freedom, not push religion around, or expand religion like an empire.

In conclusion, America follows in Rome’s footsteps, slowly, but surely, following the same path to destruction, the same path to downfall, which will soon encompass, I predict, all of America. With the growing lack of military support, the increasing numbers of uneducated and the originally allowed religions being pressed into corners, America is set for what could be a powerful coup d’├ętat, which in turn will follow another coup d’├ętat, and in quick succession we will have a civil war to balance the fate of America on its people.

Yours truly, against the people, against the government, and against common sense,