Monday, January 18, 2010

Relationship and youth

"Love is the state in which man sees things; most widely different from what they are." -Frederich Nietzsche

Maybe you wonder why I'm linking both relationship and youth together, maybe you're just looking for a quick read, but still, I'd hope this retains some pertinence within your thoughts. First love, as to be acquitted with young love, is the bane of our youth, in all countries. Our schools and our halls are filled with the traces and the affection shown by what is popularly known as the tender trap, or simply, love at first sight. One of the most powerful emotions a human mind has to offer, Love is a great collection of every whisper, every though, we ever wanted, crystallized into human contact and emotion. Love is a four letter word describing strong affection. What meaning may make, we all know love as it is, but the love of a youthful soul does naught to find words.

Struggle as one may, it's very hard to describe the first time you actually fell in love, or thought you did. It could have been somewhere you never would have expected, like at a gallery for bad fractal art, or an exhibition for toaster strudels. I think people find they forget where they meet the first one, but they remember where they were when they leave the first one. Nowhere near where they started. My extended leave from our societal indoctrination destination, dubbed school, has been enlightening, to the very epitome of the word. The youth thrive on three things: Food for the body, food for the eyes and food for the heart. Food for the body, as to say regular consuming of nutrient and cooked morsels. Food for the eyes to mean things seen, which confirm ideas or enlighten dark ones. Food for the heart to mean a type of sustenance that only intimacy or relationship can bring. Or so they believe.

Today's modern youth like to think of love as something that is always sought for. the most important thing in the world. In fact, their world revolves around the estranged idea that all you need is love. No, love cannot provide everything you need. It cannot give you what you want out of life. It can't even get you three square meals a day (unless you forcibly "love" someone). Our youth idolizes love, fueled by an even more supporting media. Buy this and she'll love you, instantly rectifying you of the money you wasted on something so material, so false. Love today is an object, gift wrapped, shoe-shined, spruce pined, dusted and then shipped all over the world. The thought of love remains free, but the action, the very execution of love costs! If not money, then mind, if not mind then body, if not body then soul! Love stopped being what it was and should have been a very long time ago. Around the time people started making money and exploiting other people.

Why can't every thing stop being complicated?

Call me a cynic, but I'm an escapist.

- Matthias; no heart for you

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Happiness Thermostat

In all life and all situations, it has been said there is a set level of happiness, what Dr. Csikszentmihalyi called a “set thermostat.” A set level of happiness is false, I think, for it affords a view that we can never be any happier despite what may happen to us. Considerable, yes, there is a mellow mean to which we can average our days’ stress, but joy can be boosted, can be increased. To continue the original topic, I believe my core happiness “temperature,” if you will, lies within a malleable range, capable of being changed and set. I can become irritable or joyous by the simple flick of a switch, the press of a button and the decompression of a valve. What I would call happy, others may very well call melancholy, but I like to think on it in a different light.

If I could literally set my mood instantly, it could offer enjoyable opportunities. Maybe I needn’t worry about so many things if I could immediately find everything around me appropriate. Maybe, in a grander scheme and an even grander scope, I could teach others to do this. we could all live in even harmony, manipulating only our own emotions, like drugs, but without the side effects and without the addiction or cost. It would simply be our bodies and our minds.

We would not hate, we would not loathe, we would find adequacy and tranquility. Material things would seem pointless, unneeded. At least wars would not be about money, or "need." They would be about true conflict, a real difference and a real hate, which is from within us all. Maybe there wouldn't be wars because we'd realize its' folly.

These wars, these past mistakes, they are becoming our bane. The bane of humanity and its' own self preservation. Tossing bombs and nukes at each other like a child would throw a ball. If they only had a child's volition and thought. A child does not want to destroy, or at least it does not destroy willingly. A child creates and as it was created. It is only as we grow out of childhood that we find the want to destroy something beautiful, to destroy what was and has been built. A child is its' mood. What it is, is what its' mood reflects. If a child is sad, it acts in manners of being sad. If a child is happy, it acts in a fashion that is happy. Growing older, rarely anyone does that. Only a child feels safe enough to do so, but an adult, will hide it, will mask it, destroying the point, the reason behind it. Why? It is of no knowledge, but if you find out, come tell me.

God knows your lonely souls,