Monday, July 6, 2009

Patriotism: needed? overpowering? war?

Hey reader,

I know its only been, whhat, two days since I last posted? Helll, it's the American weekend, so I thought I'd entreat my self to a bit more talk time.

Now, let me open by saying, I do NOT have anything against America. You can call me un-patriotic (etc, etc.), but you may not call me a terrorist. Simply because my voice is different and may contain a bit more of an unruly state, maybe sometimes prone to violence, does not mean that I believe in the ideals of using terror as a means for promotion.

Thinking on it, America does that alot and announces it as patriotism!

Alright, let me turn up System of a Down and begin my rant/rave/rant-rant.

Maybe its just my inability to settle in with any society, but in my opinion, America won't shut its big fat gob. Everyone in America, can't seem to get the fact that--NO GODDAMMIT NOBODY GIVES TWO FLYING SHITS ABOUT HOW GREAT YOUR COUNTRY IS. Maybe its because I'm not white, but I don;t seem to give a sod about how great America is. Sure, they've done a great many things, many of which are truly exceptional, but we all can't fall back on the past to show what we are now. I mean, by choice America has decided it is now completely different from what it once was. Well, Obama at least grasps some sort of idea of change, but I don;t think he looks to the outcome.

I think we've all heard how Obama announced that America was no longer a Judeo-Christian country. There was a lot of butthurt about that, especially from Christians, Catholics, (etc. etc.). It now causes me to take in how much more idiotics and talk of politics are now included into sermons! I mean, me! The average Churchgoer, the average believer, to know and pay attention to society. Should it not be that both thhe House of God and the House of the Senate live in two existences? We cannot combine two things which contradict and prove only the will to disrupt each other. What do we see now, though? As I stated, politics is heavily weighted in the religious houses, and religion is largely found annoying by politics.

Should either of them just done away with, we could then live a more peaceful existence. Is it too much to ask for an anti-depressant to remedy this? Before we need to to group therapy and weight loss counseling?
Great figures fought for our right to these things, fought for the things we now cast down and ignore. Take a look at the Constitution some times and all of the amendments. Read all of them. How many do you actually take advantage of? Of all the freedoms, of all the things we were given, what have you done to take advantage of this freedom? Have you spoken openly, knowing you had an opinion and that it would be important? Have you criticized the Government lately? Have you voted before? Of course, there are things you may have done, but only by taking advantage of all these things may you become true American. A true American should not be too fooled by politics, nor too aptly fooled by relgion, he/she should be able to have an even consistency of both. A true American should hate its government for its flaws but love it for what it has succeeded in. A true American should see that everyone is the same, everyone is equal and all that has happened is a system of balance. Kept in check by what we do and what we don;t do. Every American should strive to break that balance, let the everyday become an item of the past.

Too many people do not strive for these things, the people known as the mainstream media, but what can we do to let this stop? Nothing. I may be just ranting for nothing, but we truly can do nothing save for destroy our government, topple and reform every religion and then project mass amounts of genocide and gratuitous lack of action. Oh. Wait. This is happening.

God help us, World War 3, here we come,

Matthias out.