Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ubiquity of Self

Alright, rant time. So, people around the world speak in various languages, but what language does everyone think in? That is the key to stellar knowledge and knowing, because if you can crack the ultimate code on the inner language, you can discern things before they happen, in theory. Now, my theory is that our thoughts transfer in synapses and trades of images which pass at relative light speed or faster. This too must also be taken in consideration that understanding is a transference of material all by itself which is ultimately separate of these synapses. In honesty, I believe all humanity thinks in a hivemind, transferring ideas in a giant peer-to-peer thought tank, capable of housing everything, but also separating everyone's individuality with barriers of the mind.

It is my hope that we can puncture this hivemind with a device such that we do not empty the flood gates of our thoughts or shatter the brittle reality of the lesser thinker. I propose something of a vessel which we can build upon the earth, something that can tap into the multitude of sparkling lights known to us as the human ingenuity of the idle mind. It will be in this fantastic world of mode and function that thought can be virtually explored like a current day person on the internet.

"All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man."
-Henry David Thoreau

I suppose even you as a reader are brimming with thoughts capable of shattering walls and destroying nations, but you keep them to yourself until they are so idle and solitary that they become forgotten! Ideas as profound and untainted should not be so hidden, they should be spoken in true light.

Our society puts so little focus on the individual (so it is in America), taking into light the whole of a denomination. And it's a right shame that people think this way. Individualism is the key to a growing mind and a growing populace. The stark laziness of our over 300,000,000 residents in America comes from the obvious idea that many need not work! Why? Because the government is supposed to provide everything. No! This is wrong, we must forge our way forward, but in America this is nigh impossible for the stark and stagnant rulers have grown to powerful.

We are no longer ruled by our minds or our wills, but by our media and by our wishes. Our lives reflect what we are presented before us, and many/most prefer the simpler side of things, to sit aside and watch without having to become involved. This is itself a fallacy. Observation is the worst form of behavior as you do nothing and have no part quintessential events. Life is best lived on the fringe of raving madness and abrupt calm. If we as a human conglomerate is insufficient in supporting our own weight, how can we even hope to indulge in the thoughts of the greater humanities ubiquitous knowledge?

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Always, Matthias.